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Board of Education approves Merit-based Bonus Plan

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 15 DECEMBER 2016- The Orange County Schools Board of Education has approved a one-time merit-based bonus pay plan for non-educators working for the school system. The merit pay plan is the result of State action directing local Boards to develop and implement a one-time bonus plan. The State has provided $86,292 to fund the merit-based bonus pay plan for employees paid with State funds. The Board of Education appropriated additional local funding to also allow the one-time merit bonus to be extended to locally-paid employees who met the established criteria for merit pay.  The Board of Education set as a goal that the amount paid to employees should be meaningful. Each of the more than 220 employees eligible to receive the bonus pay will receive approximately $500 (five hundred dollars) in net bonus pay.

A district committee composed of school and district leaders formulated the plan for Orange County Schools.  After considerable deliberation, the following eligibility criteria were established to determine recipients of the one-time merit bonus:

  1. The employee must have a base pay that is less than or equal to $30,000 (thirty thousand dollars); and

  2. By stipulation of the State, any employee paid on the teacher’s salary schedule is not eligible for this one-time merit bonus.  The teachers’ salary schedule includes teachers, school counselors, school social workers, psychologists and nurses; and

  3. The employee must be a full-time employee that is still on the payroll as of December 30, 2016; and

  4. The employee must have at least one year of service in the Orange County Schools as of August 25, 2016; and

  5. The employee must not currently have an unsatisfactory evaluation.

Eligible employees can expect to see the merit bonus included in their January 13, 2017 paycheck.   For any questions concerning the merit-based bonus pay plan, please contact the Finance Department.

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