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Community Support to Help our Families in Need

During the months of September and October, Weaver Street Market in Hillsborough provided an opportunity for customers to round-up their final bill at the register to support Orange County Schools (OCS). The round-ups were collected to purchase food for families to enjoy over the winter and spring breaks. In all, $82,315 was raised during  the two month round-up program, and over 360 families will receive healthy, nutritious food for the winter break.

The food was delivered to the schools just before winter break. Orange County Schools staff and volunteers  sorted and bagged or boxed nine pallets of food from Weaver Street Market. “We know that there are many families in our community who will struggle to have enough food during the long winter break,” said Ms. Brenda Camp, Owner Services Coordinator for Weaver Street Market. “Our hope is to double the number of families we can support for the spring break,” added Ms. Camp.  

Many OCS  families depend on their children eating a nutritious breakfast and lunch through the Child Nutrition Program at school. When school is out of session for extended breaks, those same families must deal with and address how to make the food in their households  last over the break. “Weaver Street Market stepped up, addressed this need and helped to close the gap associated with food insecurities that our families would have faced during winter break,” offered Ms. Avis Barnes, Lead School Social Worker for Orange County Schools.

“Grady A. Brown elementary  is thankful for Weaver Street’s gracious donation of fresh and healthy foods,”  said Ms. Leslie Bryant, Principal of Grady A. Brown Elementary School. “The quantity and quality of food will truly bless our families during this holiday season,” added Ms. Bryant. Families began picking up the food donations the same day that Weaver Street Market delivered the food to the schools.

Almost 42% of OCS students receive either a free or reduced price lunch based on federal guidelines. The eligibility standards to qualify for free or reduced price lunch are based on the federal income poverty guidelines. Currently, a family of four with a household income of $45,510 would qualify for reduced price lunch, and a family of four with a household income of $31,980 would qualify for free lunch. All OCS elementary schools provide free universal breakfast.

weaver street market food donation to central elementary school and orange county schools