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Digital Citizenship

Students in our school system enjoy the opportunity utilize technology and the internet beginning in kindergarten.  Access the resources and links on this page to equip you and your family with the tools to support your child as a successful digital citizen.

kids with tablet

EdTech reviews and resources for Parents and Educators

Be a role model

Anti-Cyberbullying Toolkit

Social Media red flags parents should know about

Learning With Technology

Why kids are obsessed

​Healthy Media Habits for Young Kids

Special Needs and Learning Difficulties

At what age should my kids go online?

The age kids begin exploring the digital, online world begins at home. Lots of kids start playing around online during the preschool years, but many parents wait until kids are in elementary school to get them started. Whatever you choose, these guidelines will give you and your kid a good beginning:

  • Sit with little kids -- at least at first -- so you can explain what they see.
  • Find age-appropriate sites with high learning potential.
  • Put a time limit on your sessions (instill the idea of balance early).
  • Avoid just-before-bed computer time. It can be stimulating and interrupt sleep.