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Dolphin Camp

Fall Dolphin Camp

Dolphin Camp Fall Schedule

Dolphin Camp Fall Registration Form

Ways to register:

*Parents can email their form to Harriet Watkins if they are submitting their payment online at  Please attach receipt of payment with form.

*Bring form and payment to our office at 1010 E. Storey Lane, Hillsborough with check/money order.  

Dolphin Camp program hours run from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Intersession Care for Hillsborough Elementary Students

Orange County Schools Dolphin Camp offers a multi-faceted program for students in grades K-5 at Hillsborough Elementary School. It is an optional three weeks intersession program (depending on school calendar) organized around weekly themes with related hands-on, creative and physical activities. Children are grouped by age with counselors who assist them with age and developmentally appropriate activities. The program is designed to provide fun, enrichment and recreational activities in a caring environment.

Students may participate in varied activities including arts/crafts, cooking, music/dance, cooperative games, computers, and recreational games. An extensive field trip program is part of the Dolphin Camp fun and learning experience. Field trips may include visits to museums, the zoo, historical areas and parks. Guest entertainers and speakers are another popular, culturally enriching and vital part of the child’s educational experience while attending camp.

Orange County Schools Dolphin Camp is 5-star rated by the NC Department of Health and Human Services Childcare Division.

Note:  Enrollment for Dolphin Camp has specific deadlines for enrollment (NO EXCEPTIONS). A minimum of 25 students must be registered at any location for a camp to be held at that site. If enrollment numbers are below our minimum enrollment of 25, the School Community Relations office reserves the right to cancel Dolphin Camp.

Parents whose child/children are not currently enrolled in the after school program MUST complete the regular registration form in addition to the Dolphin Camp form. 

Transportation is ONLY provided for field trips. All trips are pre-paid. Parents must provide bag lunch each day. Afternoon snacks are provided by the camp. 

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.

If Dolphin Camp is closed due to inclement weather or any other circumstances for two (2) days or more then there will be no Dolphin Camp that week.

For additional information about Dolphin Camps, contact Harriet Watkins.