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Job Descriptions

We are in the process of posting new job descriptions. If you need immediate assistance with a job description please contact  Thank you.


Assistant Athletic Director

Assistant Coach

Athletic Coach

Athletic Director

Athletic Trainer

Medical Supervisor


Board Specialist, Administrative Assistant

Chief Academic Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Human Resources Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Technology Officer

District Leadership Coach

Interim Deputy Superintendent


Child Nutrition Services

Child Nutrition Assistant

Child Nutrition Manager

Child Nutrition Director of Operations

Child Nutrition Lead Office Support

Child Nutrition Office Support


Communications Administrative Assistant

After School Program Specialist

Chief Communications Officer

Community Outreach Coordinator

Communications Lead Office Support

Communications Receptionist

School Community Relations Coordinator


Exceptional Children

Exceptional Children Assistant Director

Exceptional Children Director

Exceptional Children Instructional Facilitator - Speech Pathology and Visually Impaired

Exceptional Children Instructional Program Specialist

Exceptional Children Lead Office Support

Exceptional Children Occupational Therapist

Exceptional Children Physical Therapist

Exceptional Children PreK Program Specialist

Exceptional Children Psychologist

Exceptional Children School Nurse

Exceptional Children Speech - Language Pathologist

Exceptional Children Teacher Assistant

Exceptional Children Teacher

Finance Department

Accounting Analyst

Accounting Analyst - Benefits

Accounting Technician

Accounts Payable Manager

Assistant Finance Officer


Chief Financial Officer

Payroll Specialist - Monthly Reporting

Payroll Specialist - Semi-Monthly Reporting

Human Resources

Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Benefits Specialist

Chief Human Resources Officer

Human Resources Director of Employee Relations and Benefits

Human Resources Director of Staffing and Licensure

Human Resources Employment Coordinator

Human Resources Specialist/Substitute Teacher Coordinator

Human Resources Specialist