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Kindergarten Enrollment

Parents of children who are 5 years old on or before August 31, 2018 may register for Kindergarten in Orange County Schools.

If you are looking to transfer to another school go here.

How do I enroll my child in kindergarten?

Parent Registration Flyer

Parent Registration Flyer (Spanish) 

Register for the 2019 - 2020 School Year only.

Enroll your student online English (2019 -2020)

Enroll your student online Spanish (2019 -2020)

If you have any additional questions, contact the school where your child will attend kindergarten or send us an e-mail.



Registration Date

When to call for Appointment


Telephone and Contact

Cameron Park

April 11

Begin calling

February 1

8:30 a.m. and

12:30 p.m.


Tammy Baker

Ext. 40030


April 18

Begin calling

February 1

8:30 a.m.


10:30 a.m.


Maria Llanos

Ext. 41010


April 25

Begin calling

March 1

8:30 a.m.


11:30 a.m.


Wanda Sykes

Ext. 42030

Grady A. Brown

May 3

Begin calling

January 31

9:00 a.m.


1:30 a.m.


Linda Rosemond

Ext. 45010


April 17

You will be contacted

To Be Determined


Zevalda McPherson

Ext. 43010

New Hope

April 12

Begin calling

February 1

8:30 a.m. and

12:00 p.m.


Maria Aguirre

Ext. 44010


April 16

Begin calling

February 1

8:30 a.m. and

11:30 a.m.


Lisa Allen

Ext. 46030

How does my child get into kindergarten early?

Some children may be eligible to enter Kindergarten early. To understand the process, please explore the links below. 

What do I bring to kindergarten enrollment?

Required for Enrollment

  • Proof of Child’s Birth Date: Acceptable documentation includes certified birth certificate or other certified birth record.
  • Proof of Domicile: Orange County Schools require proof of domicile to register a student. Accepted proof includes current: lease; un-separated Duke Power, OWASA, Piedmont Electric, or Public Service Gas bill; final real estate sales contract; deed. A driver’s license or telephone bill will not serve as proof. 
  • Immunization Record (from a family doctor or Health Department) see: K - 12 Immunization Requirements
  • Parent Identification
  • Home Language Survey
  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) (if applicable)

Additional Forms Due For the First Day of School