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Mr. Luis Rios has been named the 2018-19 OCS Teacher of the Year

Orange County Schools (OCS) is pleased to announce that Mr. Luis Rios has been named the 2018-19 OCS Teacher of the Year. Mr. Rios is a teacher at New Hope Elementary School. Over the coming school year, Mr. Rios will represent the district through many venues. His commitment to teaching and educating all students is unparalleled, and we look forward to his leadership during his tenure as the Orange County Schools Teacher of the Year. As a brief introduction to Mr. Rios, his Teacher of the Year statement is included here:

In looking at these experiences, I see how they reflect the beliefs I hold about teaching.  I believe that it takes a team and a village to educate a child. I believe that I can do this work with love and joy.  I believe that I can create equity and peace through teaching. I believe that my purpose in doing this work is to empower the next generation of leaders that will go on to create a peaceful, compassionate, abundant, joyful world.  These extraordinary leaders of the future, of course, need an extraordinary one teaching them today. Thus, I have committed myself to become that leader. I am committed to being the kind of teacher that students can look back on as adults and remember that peace, joy, and love are possible in every moment.

-Mr. Luis F. Rios, OCS Teacher of the Year 2018-19

mr luis rios 2018 - 19 orange county schools teacher of the year