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Orange County Schools Celebrates Mr. Chris Walker, the 2017-18 Teacher of the Year

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 8 MAY 2017- Hillsborough Elementary School Teacher Mr. Chris Walker has earned the distinction of the 2017-18 Teacher of the Year for Orange County Schools. Mr. Walker is the Physical Education Teacher at Hillsborough Elementary and he is the lead Physical Education teacher for the school system. Also, Mr. Walker serves as the Men's Varsity Soccer Coach for Cedar Ridge High School and as the North Carolina Physical Education Association President.

On receiving the honor being the district teacher of the year, Mr. Walker reflected about the other nominees. “The candidates from all the other buildings were solid and I am just honored to be among such great leaders in the whole district,” offered Coach Walker.  “My goal is to make OCS the premier school district in the state, where everyone wants to teach and where everyone wants to send their children and family members,” continued Coach Walker.

Mr. Walker’s motivation as an educator focuses on the whole child, not just  expectations set forth on a document. “I became a teacher for the joy of seeing children grow,” said Coach Walker.  “It is awesome to me when a student has succeeded in an activity or task that they felt was unachievable,” added Coach Walker.

Chris Walker has twenty years of teaching experience, and doesn’t consider his profession “work” in the classical sense. “I don’t experience the drudgery and frustration that others express when talking about their jobs,” said Coach Walker. “Students tell me they can’t wait to come back to PE class, but what they don’t know is that I am the one who can’t wait for them to return,” said Coach Walker.

chris walker, orange county schools teacher of the year for 2017 - 2018