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Student Transfer FAQ's

Q: What is a domicile?

A: "Domicile" denotes a permanent, established home, as distinguished from a temporary place of residence.  A person may have more than one residence but only one legal domicile.  Merely owning or renting property does not establish a legal domicile. 

Q: What documents are acceptable to prove domicile?

A: Deed or lease, utility bill, property tax records, voter or vehicle registration

Q: How do I find which school my children are assigned to?

A: Schools of assignment are based on the student’s domicile, which is their permanent established home.  Click here to access our School Site Locator, and type your address in the search box.

Q: Can my child attend a school other than his/her assigned school?

A: If you reside inside the Orange County Schools district, you may apply for a Discretionary Transfer to any school deemed Open to transfers prior to the established deadline.

If you reside outside of the Orange County Schools district, you may apply for a Discretionary Admission to any school deemed Open with payment of tuition.

All applications are conditional until approved.

Q: When will transfer and admission applications be available?  

A: Choice Transfer applications will be accepted January 1th - 31st.  General Discretionary Transfer and Admission applications will be accepted February 1st - March 6th.

Q: Where do I find the transfer and admission applications?

A: Please visit and follow the links

Q: Which application do I need to submit?

A: If you live in an area served by Orange County Schools, but wish to apply for a school other than the one to which you are assigned, please submit the Discretionary Transfer Application.

If you DO NOT live in an area served by Orange County Schools, but wish to attend one of our schools, please submit the Discretionary Admissions Application.

Q: Can I pay tuition monthly?

A: No. Tuition must be paid in full prior to July 1st for the upcoming school year.  For students accepted mid-year, tuition payment is due immediately.

Q: My child was approved for a transfer last year.  Do I need to apply again?

A: Students who have been approved Discretionary or Choice transfer are not required to reapply to the same transfer school for the next school year.  ALL students approved Discretionary Admission must reapply each year.

Q: May I complete an application for more than one school?

A: No. Only one application may be submitted per child.  We do not offer second or third choices.  If duplicate applications are received, the most recent application received prior to the deadline will be considered.

Q: Does the District have a Choice Lottery process?

A: Yes.  Please see Policy 4125: School Assignment and Transfers for levels of priority.  Any time there are more applications than available slots, a lottery will be held following the seating priority in policy.

Q: What happens if I am offered a slot and then change my mind?

A: Please contact the Student Assignment Office as soon as possible to be removed from list of transfers and reassigned to your school of assignment.

Q: Does the District provide transportation to my transfer or admission student?

A: Transportation is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.  Limited transportation may be available for Elementary Choice Programs.  Contact the Transportation Office for more information.

Q: I have just moved into the Orange County Schools district.  What are the transfer options for my child?

A: Please contact the Orange County Schools Student Assignment Office to discuss possible transfer options within 10 days of your relocation.

Q: I have moved out of the Orange County Schools district during the school year.  Can my child stay at his/her current school?

A: You may submit a Discretionary Admission Application in order to remain at the school only for the remainder of the current school year.  Tuition will be applied.  Please contact the Student Assignment Office for more information.

Q: I have moved within the Orange County Schools district, and my school of assignment has changed.  Can my child remain at his/her school?

A: If a student moves into a different school zone in the middle of the school year, the parent/guardian can request the student stay at the current school for the remainder of the current school only.  Please contact the Student Assignment Office for more information.

Q: What do I do if I live in the OCS District but want my child to attend school in a different district?

A: You must first apply to the school you wish to attend.  Then, upon acceptance to that school, you must submit an Orange County Schools Release Application.