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Student Transporter Salary Update

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 11 SEPTEMBER 2017- The Orange County Schools (OCS) Board of Education approved an increase pay for bus drivers. The Board’s action is the result of Senate Bill 257 which directs local Boards of Education to increase the average rate of pay for bus drivers on an equitable basis.

The administration of the school system called together a committee to explore options for creation of a new salary schedule for bus drivers and bus driver substitutes based on the funding amount allotted to the district. The group, which included Teresa Cunningham-Brown, Pam Jones, Rhonda Rath, Patrick Abele, Errin Bryant, Wanda Bain, Connie Brimmer, Lorinda Kueider, Contina McCulley, Phyllis Vincent and Jacqueline Lee, recommended the new bus driver salary schedule.

“The team worked thoughtfully and diligently together to form criteria that would yield an equitable result for those eligible for the pay increase,” offered Ms. Teresa Cunningham-Brown, Chief Human Resources Officer. The recommendation of the committee allows approximately 93 bus drivers to be eligible to receive an increase based on the new schedule.

A total of $90,448.79 will be distributed under the pay rates. All eligible bus drivers will receive an approximate $0.90 per hour increase in pay, beginning with the September 15th semi-monthly payroll. “I’m glad that our Board supported and approved the recommended pay increase for our bus drivers proving their commitment to creating a career destination for employees,” said Ms. Rhonda Rath, Chief Finance Officer.

The pay rate for OCS bus drivers is competitive and higher than some larger, local districts. Twenty-seven  percent of all OCS bus drivers will earn more than $15 per hour. One hundred percent of all OCS bus drivers will receive a rate higher than the Orange County Living Wage.

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