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School Improvement Team

What is the School Improvement Team?

School Improvement Teams are required by North Carolina law to develop school improvement plans. The ECGE School Improvement team is comprised of the principal, representatives of the assistant principals, instructional personnel, instructional support personnel, and teacher assistants assigned to the school building, and parents of children enrolled in the school. The representatives are elected by their respective groups (such as the PTA for parents).

The General Assembly of North Carolina views parental involvement as a critical component of school success and positive student achievement. It is the intent of NC that parents, along with teachers, have a substantial role in developing school improvement plans.


2018-2019 School Improvement Plan

NCStar is the new system OCS is using for the school improvement process. You may access the ECGE School Improvement Plan for 2018 -2019 at


How do I communicate a suggestion for school improvement to the group?

You may communicate directly with an individual on the team or send a request to the entire committee.


SIT Members

Principal- Minnie Goins (

 Assistant Principal- Justin Zatt (

School Improvement Chairperson-  Robin Sechrist

Inst.  Support and TA Representatives- Christine Whitt, Cynthia Brown

Teacher Representatives- Stacy Lingle, Kelly Kidder, Danielle Moloney

Parent Representatives


When does the School Improvement Team meet and can I attend the meeting?

School Improvement Teams are considered a public body and are subject to open meeting laws. Staff, parents and community members are always welcome to attend and observe the meetings. The ECGE School Improvement Team meets in the Learning Commons at 4:30 on the second Tuesday of each month.


School Improvement Team Meeting Agendas/Minutes 2018-19