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Seventh/Eighth Grades

AJ Beecher, 7th & 8th Social Studies
Ext. 32501,

Suzanne DeConto, 8th ELA
Ext. 32106,

Joyce Gilbert, 7th & 8th ELA
Ext. 32104,

Matthew Gugino, 8th Social Studies
Ext. 32503,

David Hall, 7th & 8th Science
Ext. 32507,

Michael Lester, 8th Science
Ext. 32406,

Beth Neill, 7th & 8th Math
Ext. 32502,

Stephanie Pinkin, 7th ELA
Ext. 32102,

Will Stinnett, 7th Social Studies
Ext. 32108,

Jennifer Wade, 8th Math
Ext. 32401,

Julie White, 7th Science
Ext. 32405,