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UNC Hospitals "Stuff the Bus" to Support Orange County Schools

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 27 JUNE 2016- For the fifth consecutive year, UNC Hospitals has supported Orange County Schools (OCS) by donating a bus load full of school supplies to students across the district.  The “Stuff the Bus” program, led by Ms. Kathy Brice and Mr. Tom Maltais of UNC, challenges UNC employees to outdo each other by collecting school supplies for OCS students.  The employees answered that challenge again by filling a school bus with much needed supplies, from binders to backpacks and notebooks and markers.

“I used to work for a school system, and seeing kids and teachers without supplies is just devastating,” said Ms. Brice.  “It’s important to take care of our communities whether it’s in Chapel Hill or out in Orange County,” she continued. 

The Stuff the Bus program is unique to UNC Hospitals and Orange County Schools.  Employees from both organization showed up to work together to load boxes full of supplies.  Mr. Maltais looks forward to challenging the UNC staff to raise the bar for participation and donations.  “This year we donated around 5000 items.  We hope to increase that amount by pushing the departments to challenge each other,” Mr. Maltais said. 

Once the school supplies are delivered to the district, school social workers catalogue each item. Then, the supplies are distributed to the schools so that the students who need the supplies get them in time for the school year. “It ‘s just amazing to receive this sort of support for our students,” added Ms. Sherita Cobb, Director of Support Services for Orange County Schools.

orange county schools stuff the bus program