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Orange County Schools Makes Improvement in Growth and Achievement

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 7 SEPTEMBER 2017- On Thursday September 7, 2017, the North Carolina State Board of Education officially released achievement data for North Carolina school districts. The achievement outcomes are a result of the continued efforts by the staff and students of Orange County Schools (OCS). Efforts to improve the quality of the learning experience for all students are producing results as we continue our implementation of the district’s strategic plan.

Growth occurred in the overall number of students who are grade level proficient and overall gains were made in reading and science at all levels. Students increased college and career readiness at all levels.  In addition, the district is pleased to announce  improvements in overall school performance grades.

“I’m optimistic about the gains in student achievement, and I’m looking forward to building on that success for opportunities that lie ahead,” commented Superintendent Dr. Todd Wirt. “Each year, we hope to make gains in all areas for all students,” continued Superintendent Wirt. “We have high standards and expectations for our students and teachers, and these achievements speak to their work,” added Superintendent Wirt.

The overall number of grade level proficient students increased from 62% in 2015-16 to 63%, which is above state average of 59.2%. Gains in overall student proficiency continue to place Orange County Schools as a leader in North Carolina. Compared with all school districts throughout the state, OCS positioned itself 27th out of all the 115 public school districts.

Much attention is given to school performance grades. Orange County Schools  has no “Low Performing Schools” as identified by the state guidelines. All Orange County Schools earned a School Performance Grade of C or higher. This year’s improvement in school performance grades marks the third year in a row of significant gains in school performance.

Notably, CW Stanford middle school increased its school performance grade by an entire letter grade, while Central elementary school saw a hike of 7 points in its school performance grades. Our two traditional high schools, Cedar Ridge and Orange, exceeded expectations for growth in student achievement.

Additional highlighted points of improvement are:

  • End-of-course (EOC) test proficiency grew by 6%

    • The African-American students subgroup had the largest gain at 7%

  • English II proficiency increased by 8%

  • Math I proficiency grew by 4%

  • In grades 3 – 8,  Students with Disabilities grew 4% in reading proficiency

  • 8th Grade Science grew 7%

    • Students with Disabilities showed a 14% increase in proficiency

  • 9 of 12 schools increased their number of proficient students in reading

  • 9 of 12 schools increased their number of proficient students in science

  • The 2016-17 graduation rate is 89.3%

School Performance Grades

Eleven of twelve schools (91%) in Orange County met or exceeded growth, compared to 70.5% statewide. This percentage of schools meeting or exceeding growth is consistent with the 2015-16 data, but is a marked improvement over the previous 3 years. In 2013-14 only 6 schools met this standard, and in 2014-15 only 10 schools met or exceeded growth.


School Performance Grade

Cameron Park Elementary


Central Elementary


Efland‑Cheeks Global Elementary


Grady A Brown Elementary


Hillsborough Elementary


New Hope Elementary


Pathways Elementary


AL Stanback Middle


CW Stanford Middle


Gravelly Hill Middle


Cedar Ridge High


Orange High


ocs teacher with students