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School Safety

Safety for our students and staff is the highest priority for our school system. Students will not be able to learn and teachers will not be able to provide excellent instruction without a safe educational environment. To meet that goal, Orange County Schools (OCS) has procedures and plans in place to support a safe educational environment.

Being responsible for the safety and well-being of the students and staff of Orange County Schools is a great responsibility.  “That very responsibility drives us to conduct regular trainings with administrators, conduct regular safety drills, collaborate with various agencies, and continue to make the necessary security upgrades to our facilities," said Orange County Schools Superintendent Dr. Todd Wirt.

The school system conducts fire drills, tornado drills, and lockdown drills with the students and staff to ensure that emergency preparedness and safety are established. Each of our schools has a School Resource Officer from the Orange County Sheriff's Office who serves many functions, including helping to make sure the school is as safe as it can be. OCS works with the Office of Emergency Management, the Fire Marshal, Federal agencies, and other Law Enforcement agencies and first responders to stay recent and current in our training and knowledge

“Our number one priority each and every day is safety,” said Superintendent Wirt.  “We are so fortunate to be supported by Sheriff Blackwood and his office as we work together to protect the the children that every family entrusts with us on a daily basis,” added Superintendent Wirt.  

Safety and emergency preparedness require continuous attention, and the school system seeks to find ways to increase our efforts in the positive direction for safety. If you have questions about safety in the school system, please contact the OCS Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Ms. Sara Pitts by phone at 919-732-8126 or by email at

school safety officer speaking with fire marshall