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Orange County Schools Bond

Dear Orange County Resident,

On Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, Orange County registered voters will have the opportunity to vote for or against two bond referenda: $120 million to fund the repair and renovation of safety and security features, as well as infrastructure in schools, and $5 million to create 1,000 affordable housing units for rental and ownership throughout the county.


Orange County Schools Makes Improvement in Growth and Achievement

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 2 SEPTEMBER 2016- On Thursday September 1, 2016, the North Carolina State Board of Education officially released achievement data for North Carolina school districts. The achievement outcomes are a result of the continued efforts by the staff and students of Orange County Schools. Efforts to improve the quality of the learning experience for all students are producing results over the first year of implementation of the district’s new strategic plan.


UNC Hospitals "Stuff the Bus" to Support Orange County Schools

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 27 JUNE 2016- For the fifth consecutive year, UNC Hospitals has supported Orange County Schools (OCS) by donating a bus load full of school supplies to students across the district.  The “Stuff the Bus” program, led by Ms. Kathy Brice and Mr. Tom Maltais of UNC, challenges UNC employees to outdo each other by collecting school supplies for OCS students.  The employees answered that challenge again by filling a school bus with much needed supplies, from binders to backpacks and notebooks and markers.


New Hope Elementary School Welcomes Ambra Wilson as Interim Principal

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 17 AUGUST 2016- The Orange County Board of Education has selected Ms. Ambra Wilson as the Interim Principal of New Hope  Elementary School for the 2016-17 school year. Ms. Wilson will be a familiar face to the families and staff at New Hope. Before being named the Interim Principal, she served as the Assistant Principal at New Hope. The former principal, Mr. Damien Powell, has accepted a position in another district to serve as an administrator.


Universal Free Breakfast Program

The Orange County Schools Board of Education  is committed to making sure that all of our students are fully prepared for academic success. In order to support success for students in the school system, the Board of Education has acted to ensure that students can receive a nutritious breakfast to begin the school day. Hunger will not be a barrier to success during the school day.


Board of Education Approves Increase in Teacher and Employee Compensation

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 27 JUNE 2016- At the June 27th Orange County Schools Board of Education meeting, Board members voted to approve an increase in the local salary supplement for all employees. Of all employees, teachers will receive the largest increase in pay. Teacher pay is determined by a set scale from the state, but school districts may compensate teachers with a local pay supplement that is funded at the local level.



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