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Budget Impacts for the 2018-19 School Year

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 25 JUNE 2018- The Orange County Schools (OCS) 2018-19 budget was approved by the Board of Education on Monday night.  District staff along with the Board of Education Budget Committee have been reviewing and discussing the upcoming budget since October 2017.   The loss of the one time discretionary funding along with decreasing average daily student enrollment continues to impact the OCS budget.


CRHS Football 2018

We have spent the last several weeks analyzing the participation in our football program at Cedar Ridge High School.  We believe football to be an important part of our athletic program and our entire school community. It is our responsibility to consider a variety of things when fielding a varsity team, none more important than safety.


Cameron Park welcomes new Principal

Mr. Tony Widder has been named as the Principal of Cameron Park Elementary School. Before coming to Cameron Park, Mr. Widder was the Principal of the Middle School at the International Community School (Singapore). He has joined the Cameron Park family  this summer to prepare for the 2018-19 school year.

Mr. Widder is energized about building positive relationships in the school community to continue the tradition of success at Cameron Park. “I believe that students grow and develop best in a school culture that is inspiring, innovative, and enjoyable,” offered Mr. Widder.


Grady A. Brown is ready for the 2018-19 School Year with a new Principal

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 19 MAY 2018- The upcoming 2018-19 school year will welcome in some new faces to Grady A. Brown elementary school, along with a familiar face in a new role.  Beginning this summer, Mr. Chris Marks will take over as Principal of Grady A. Brown elementary. Currently, Mr. Marks is the Assistant Principal at the school.


Orange County Schools Exceptional Children Services

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 14 MAY 2018- The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is the law that ensures a free appropriate public education is available for eligible children with disabilities throughout the nation. Additionally, it ensures special education and related services are available for those identified children. Children and youth ages three through 21 receive special education and related services under IDEA.


Orange County Schools (OCS) will close for students on May 16th.

Orange County Schools (OCS) will close for students on May 16th. The day will be an optional teacher workday. Currently, the number of OCS teachers that have requested leave for May 16th exceeds the number of substitute teachers that the district has in its substitute pool.

More than 40% of OCS teachers have already taken leave for May 16th. Without proper staffing in the schools, serious and real concerns for student safety will exist.


Mr. Luis Rios has been named the 2018-19 OCS Teacher of the Year

Orange County Schools (OCS) is pleased to announce that Mr. Luis Rios has been named the 2018-19 OCS Teacher of the Year. Mr. Rios is a teacher at New Hope Elementary School. Over the coming school year, Mr. Rios will represent the district through many venues. His commitment to teaching and educating all students is unparalleled, and we look forward to his leadership during his tenure as the Orange County Schools Teacher of the Year. As a brief introduction to Mr. Rios, his Teacher of the Year statement is included here:



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