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Board of Education Supports Staff with Child-School Involvement Leave

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 22 MAY 2017- The Orange County Schools Board of Education reaffirmed its support of staff and their families by clarifying its Board Policy on Child-School Involvement Leave (policy 7510, Leave of Absence). Prior to the clarification, parents and guardians could only take unpaid leave under the provision of child-school involvement leave.


Orange County Schools Celebrates Mr. Chris Walker, the 2017-18 Teacher of the Year

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 8 MAY 2017- Hillsborough Elementary School Teacher Mr. Chris Walker has earned the distinction of the 2017-18 Teacher of the Year for Orange County Schools. Mr. Walker is the Physical Education Teacher at Hillsborough Elementary and he is the lead Physical Education teacher for the school system. Also, Mr. Walker serves as the Men's Varsity Soccer Coach for Cedar Ridge High School and as the North Carolina Physical Education Association President.


Lara Jane Parker Award for Advocacy

Congratulations to Angie Waitt for receiving the Lara Jane Parker Award of Excellence. This award recognizes individuals who have direct instructional or therapeutic contact with a school-aged child (or children) with communication and physical challenges. The Lara Jane Parker Award is sponsored by the New Voices Foundation. The foundation's mission is to help children with severe communication and physical challenges maximize their learning potential. 


Board Resolution on K - 3 Class Size Ratios

The Orange County Schools Board of Education recently passed a resolution on K - 3 class size.  The resolution requests that the North Carolina General Assembly pass legislation as early as possible in the 2017 session to provide local school districts with the class size and funding flexibility needed to avoid the severe negative impacts.  The resolution became effective on April 10, 2017.  We encourage our families to read the full text of the resolution below:



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