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School Improvement Team

What are we all about?

The SIT functions as an advisory body to the school administration and the development team for the School Improvement Plan. With its unique structure, representing all stakeholders, the SIT is the place where students, parents, teachers, and administrators have an equal say in the future of Orange High.

Parents, students, and faculty may contact their representatives if they have concerns they wish the body to address. Agendas and minutes from the SIT Team meetings are also posted on this Web site.

School Improvement Plan

District School Improvement Plans

Executive Summary

Agendas for Meetings


November 3rd meeting

December 1st meeting

January 5th - no meeting

February 2nd meeting

March 2nd - no meeting

April 6th - meeting



Minutes from Meetings

May 5th meeting

August 19th meeting 

September 1st meeting

October 6th meeting

November 3rd meeting

December 1st meeting

January - No meeting

February 2nd meeting

March 2nd - No meeting

April 6th meeting



SIT Team Members (Member names are linked to email addresses)

Administrative Representative:

Principal: Eric Yarbrough
Assoc. Principal: Judith Brantley
Assoc. Principal:  Will Okun
Assoc. Principal:  Kandis Sauls

Faculty Representatives: Career and Technical Education:  Elise Shipley
Cultural Arts: Jane Williams
English: Kelly Arnold
Guidance: Phyllis Farlow
Math: Katie Thorn
Physical Education and Healthful Living: Brian Grant
Science: Greg Brooks
Second Languages: Robert Griffin
Social Studies: Lauren Markham
Classified Staff: Theresa Reitano
Exceptional Children: Lori Bartch
Media: Shea Mustian
Digital Learning Coach: Stephen Stewart
Parent Representatives:

Caroline Atkinson
Pamela Buchholz
Angela Burnette
Rosa Dunn
Lori Rogers
Scott Ruble


Student Representative:

Student Coucil Representative: Hannah Ross
Baleigh Quillen


Officers: Chair: Lori Bartch
Secretary: Kelly Arnold