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Peace Club

The officers this year are:
President - Troy Combs
Vice President – Thomas Harrington
Secretary – Maddie Lloyd
Communications – Mallory Clayton
Club Sponsor: Marc Sprintz

All students are welcome to join Peace Club. There are no dues for members.

So far this year the club has focused on raising money and awareness for Invisible Children, an organization focused on bringing to light the plight of child soldiers and abducted children in Uganda and helping raise money for schools in communities effected by Uganda’s lengthy civil conflict.

We had members of Invisible Children (including a Ugandan woman impacted by the civil conflict) come to OHS, screen a documentary and take questions from a group of nearly 700 students and staff.

Peace Club has raised money by passing around jars (Change for Change), tie-dyed t-shirts and sold them, raised money at Ag Day, held a Battle of the Bands, and are raffling off UNC-Clemson men’s basketball tickets donated by a Peace Club member’s parents.

The  club is engaged in a competition through Invisible Children called Schools for Schools where our school competes with others in the region to raise the most money. The winning school sends a student to Uganda this summer and any school raising $1000 in Nov. will send a student to San Diego this summer for an Invisible Children conference.

The club has raised over $2,000.00 so far (including over $1,000 in Nov.) which I am extremely proud of and blown away by.

For parents and students to learn more, they can go to