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Outside Help Links

AL-ANON ALATEEN  Al-anon Alateen  Teens: Personal/Social Development: Resources for teens who are close to a substance or alcohol abuser. 
BULLYING  All: Bullying resources for all to learn about how to end bullying. 
CRIME PREVENTION  National Crime Prevention Council  All: Info about school violence, bullying, and more. También en español. 
GANG CENTER  National Gang Center  All: Learn how to prevent gang activity, how to get out of a gang, and more. 
IN THE MIX  PBS In the Mix  Teens (adults, too!): "411" topics: bullying, depression, eating disorders, and more! "911" Contacts information as well! 
OCS DRIVER'S ED INFO  OCS Driver's Ed Information  Driver Education Information from OCS. See Mrs. Rosario for sign-up! 
PARENT HOTLINE  National Parent Hotline  Parents/Guardians: Free resource dedicated to strengthening families. 1-855-4A PARENT (1-855-427-2736) and is available 10am PST- 7pm PST, Monday through Friday. También en español. 
SCHOOL SAFETY CENTER  National School Safety Center  Parents/Guardians: Information about school safety, gangs, and more. 
SUICIDE PREVENTION  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  All: Learn how and where to get help around suicide-related issues and concerns. 
TEACHERS AND FAMILIES  Teachers and Families  Parents/Guardians: Learn about "relational aggression", it's causes and how to discourage it.  
TEACHING TOLERANCE  Teaching Tolerance  All: Topics and articles related to acceptance and tolerance of others. 

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