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Living in the Wake of the Flood: Helping the Families of the Public Schools of Robeson County

By G. Seth Stephens, Chief Communications Officer

The holiday season, beginning with the traditional Thanksgiving break, can be a time of great joy and feasting for so many families. Yet, it can be a time that serves as a continual reminder that there are so many of our brothers and sisters that are in need or in crisis. Those in need may be a close family member or relative- or a neighbor, a coworker, or even yourself.


Board of Education approves Merit-based Bonus Plan

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 15 DECEMBER 2016- The Orange County Schools Board of Education has approved a one-time merit-based bonus pay plan for non-educators working for the school system. The merit pay plan is the result of State action directing local Boards to develop and implement a one-time bonus plan. The State has provided $86,292 to fund the merit-based bonus pay plan for employees paid with State funds.


Local Board of Education Member Elected as Officer to State Board

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 6 DECEMBER 2016- Orange County Schools Board of Education member Ms. Brenda Stephens has been elected as Treasurer of the Board of Directors for the North Carolina School Boards Association (NCSBA). The NCSBA is governed by a 27 member Board of Directors, led by four Officers. The Board of Directors has general charge and control of the affairs of the NCSBA. Officers and Directors are elected each November during the Delegate Assembly at the NCSBA Annual Conference.


Parent Involvement Policy Feedback

The Orange County Schools Board of Education is considering revisions to its policy on parental involvement. The Board of Education is providing an opportunity to gather feedback about the proposed policy changes. If you would like to leave feedback for the Board of Education on the proposed policy revisions, please review the policy document (posted below) and then click on the link to leave feedback.


Our Position Against Bullying and Discrimination

11 NOVEMBER 2016- A component of the governing principles of Orange County Schools is our shared expectation that our students, staff, and visitors will conduct themselves in a civil and respectful manner.  Our school system acknowledges the dignity and worth of all students and employees and strives to create a safe, orderly, caring, and inviting school environment to facilitate student learning and achievement.


Ashley Slaughterbeck named Principal at Hillsborough Elementary

HILLSBOROUGH 3 NOVEMBER 2016- Mrs. Ashley Hamlett Slaughterbeck has been installed as the Principal of Hillsborough Elementary School. Previously, Mrs. Slaughterbeck was the Interim Principal at Hillsborough Elementary.

“It’s an honor to have the support of our Board to continue as the principal at Hillsborough Elementary,” said Mrs. Slaughterbeck. “I look forward to continuing the great work that our students and staff have embarked upon, and I’ve enjoyed being a part of that,” added Mrs. Slaughterbeck. “It just feels like home here,” said Mrs. Slaughterbeck.


Orange County Schools Bond Passes

Orange County Schools would like to extend its gratitude to our community for the support of the Orange County School bond. Thanks to you, our community, we will be able to address the needs outlined in our bond projects. Though the bond passed, work does not begin immediately on the bond projects. Once work does begin on the projects, the work will go according to our identified priorities and needs. Again, thank you for your continued support and we will keep you informed on our progress throughout the district.


Orange County Schools Leaders Selected for Innovative Professional Learning Program

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 30 OCTOBER 2016- Orange County Schools is pleased to announce that four leaders from the district were selected to join 194 other digital learning leaders from across North Carolina for the next eight months in the Digital Leaders Coaches Network (DLCN) at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. The representatives from Orange County Schools are: Michelle Fournier (New Hope Elementary), Elizabeth McCue (Grady A. Brown Elementary), Olivia Brice (A.L. Stanback Middle School), and Erin Bradley (Cedar Ridge High School).


Orange High School Student Recognized for Extra Effort Award

HILLSBOROUGH, NC 12 OCTOBER 2016- Local television cameras were rolling at Orange High School to recognize student-athlete Keshawn Thompson for the Tom Suiter Extra Effort Award.  Mr. Thompson is a senior at Orange High, a member of the football and track teams, and an honors student.  Coach Bryan Patton recommended Keshawn for the award.  “Keshawn works hard on and off the field; he is a leader, a role model, and other players look up to him,” Patton said.  



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