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    Update on Meals

    The Board made and approved a motion to amend their January 25 decision regarding outdoor meal guidance to allow OCS school administration to oversee meal plans for PK-12 and determine the safest options for students to eat their meals.  Weather permitting, the safest place to eat is outdoors.  However, at the high school level, due to the number of students opting for Plan B: Hybrid and only one lunch period, adjustments at the high school level can be made. High school leaders and district administration will work together to review current meal plans and make updates as needed to address safety, time and the ability to socially distance. 

    (Last Updated: February 16, 2021) 


    1. Meals consumed outdoors:

    Safe spaces for outdoor eating shall be designated. Spaces shall be:

    • Located a safe distance from roadways, parking lots, and other safety or environmental factors.
    • Away from the playground during recess hours.
    • If located in a shared space, they shall be marked and secure in use zones established.

      Unless raining (if no tent or overhead covering is available), snowing or at/below freezing temperatures students shall eat meals outdoors.

    • Weather chart for guidance
      1. Classes shall remain together during meal/snack times.  Permission to deviate shall be approved by the site administrator.
      2. While sitting on benches, picnic tables, ect. or picnic style while on mat, towel, ect.  (Students should not sit directly on the ground).
      3. Greater than 6ft apart.  Students shall be spaced at a distance of 6ft or greater apart.  Spaces shall be marked.  If picnic style eating is to occur, grid mapping should be used to determine space and seating spots indicated.
      4. Meal procedures shall be followed.


    2. Meals consumed in Classrooms:

    Though eating outside is the preferred option, it may not always be possible due to inclement weather.  The next strategy is to eat inside, having students in their classrooms reduces risk of widespread transmission.

    • Greater than 6ft apart if possible.
    • Meal procedure shall be followed

    Air purifiers shall be running and turned to III, door(s) and window(s) opened.

    Note: Weather may not permit the window to be wide open, cracked is acceptable to allow additional outside air into the space.

    3. Meals consumed in Shared Spaces

    This option may be selected only if neither eating outside nor in the classroom (due to 6ft distance requirements) are possible.  Students may be rotated through larger designated spaces such as café, media center, ect., with students spaced greater than 6ft apart if possible.

    • Spaces for students to sit shall be indicated.
    •  Table surfaces shall be properly cleaned and disinfected between cohorts of students.  Disinfectant shall be used as directed and required contact times shall be followed.

    REMINDER:  Masks may only come off for meals with not talking and following the Plan B meal procedures outlined.  GREATEST defense against COVID-19 are the 3Ws (Wash, Wear, Wait), especially Wear (MASKING).


    OCS Plan B Meal Procedure

    • Wearing face coverings/masks and social distancing, students wash/sanitize their hands and go pick up their lunch (or wait for their lunch to be delivered to their classroom).
      • If dining outside, students shall sanitize their hands prior to leaving the classroom.      
        • Additional hand sanitizer dispensers shall be located near the designated entrance/exit door.
      • If students leave the classroom to pick up their lunch, they must practice hand hygiene upon entering the classroom.
    • If dining in classrooms, the air purifier shall be turned to level III, door(s) and window(s) shall be opened.
    • Teacher instructs students to prepare their snack/meal for consumption. For example, students open their beverage and add straw, twist cap off juice container, unwrap food, peel bananas, cut apples, remove crust from bread, open box of raisins, get napkins out, etc.
    • Once all lunch prep work is completed by all students, the teacher/adult instructs students to remove their face coverings/masks so they can consume their breakfast/lunch. 
    • Teacher reminds students that they cannot talk and that they have 15 minutes to consume their food and beverage. Set a timer. When students finish consuming their snack/meal they put their face covering/mask back on and wait patiently until all students are finished. 
    • When all face/coverings masks are back on and the 15 minutes are up, students gather their trash and at the direction of the teacher/adult, discards their trash in a receptacle/garbage bag outside their classroom for easy retrieval by the custodians
    • Students wash/sanitize their hands after discarding their trash
      • When eating outside, students and staff shall practice wash/sanitize hands immediately upon re-entering the building.
    • Students can spend the remainder of their scheduled lunch time speaking with each other with their masks on and socially distanced.

    Please note: There will likely be at least one student attempting to talk during breakfast/lunch and/or not finishing their breakfast/lunch in 15 mins allotted. There should be a plan for managing students that veer off track without derailing the whole class. Additionally, plan for students who pack their breakfasts/lunches. For example, if additional adult supervision isn’t available, “breakfast/lunch packers” should go with the rest of the class needing to pick up their breakfast/lunch from the cafeteria.  "Breakfast/Lunch packers” should also participate in the before departing and after returning to the classroom hand sanitizing steps; they should also proceed with preparing the breakfast/lunch they brought to school for consumption like everyone else and follow all remaining steps in the protocol.

    Cleaning and Disinfecting a Surface

    If students and staff are to eat in a shared space or non-cohorted(pod) classroom, the surfaces of tables and or desks must be cleaned and disinfected between use.

    • Wipe the surface to remove food/debris with a paper towel.
    • If a spill is present, wipe with a towel/cloth saturated with a mild detergent solution.
    • Spray the area with approved disinfectant and wait the appropriate contact time prior to next use.
    • If the surface is still wet prior to use, and contact time has been met, wipe the surface with a dry paper towel.