School Nutrition

student eating a sandwich with mask "relaxed" around neck
  • Guidelines for Meals at School

    • Allow adequate time for students to wash and sanitize hands before and after meals.
    • Extend and/or stagger meal times to promote social distancing, while ensuring adequate time for students to consume their meals. 
    • There will be no self-serve food items, meals will be delivered to the classrooms.
    • Napkins and silverware will be disposable.
    • No food-sharing will be allowed.
    • Limit cash transactions. Staff handling cash should will not handle food.
    • Simple access to trash cans to allow for easy discard of disposable trays, food containers, utensils and other items.
    • Ensure all practices are consistent with the Food Code, HAACP, OSHA and other regulatory authorities Forms/Checklists/Supporting Documents.
    • Comply with NCDHHS StrongSchoolsNC: Public Health Toolkit (K-12) requirements for social distancing and minimizing exposure.