• Upon entering ANY and ALL OCS facilities:

    • Everyone will be directed to the foyer for screening at the receptionist desk area.
    • There will be signage to control the flow of traffic and markers to allow the 6 ft. safe distancing between persons.
    • Staff will be prohibited from drinking directly from the water fountains. All staff are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles.  Water bottles can be filled in water fountains.
    • Student seats will be marked off to allow the safe distancing in each classroom.
    • anitizing of continuous objects (i.e. door handles, desks, tables, restrooms etc.) will be performed throughout the day each day.
    • Weekly deep cleaning will occur for all OCS facilities.
teacher cleaning a desk


  • School facilities will be clean and safe for students and staff with a physical setting that is appropriate and adequate for learning. We continue to monitor the NC Department of Health and Human Services’ (NCDHHS) updates and adjust our plan as needed.