• Partnership Academy's Staff Equity Team meets regularly to discuss topics relevant to promoting systemic equity in education for Partnership students.  We have created two goals in alignment with district goals for the 2020-21 school year.


    PA Equity Team Goals & Action Steps

    PA Goal 1-  Foster a culture and climate that integrates the experiences of centered groups of students and show respect for the diversity among students and staff members, while acknowledging that all people contribute equally to our school’s culture and climate.

    District Goal 1: Create a safe, inclusive, culturally affirming and relevant environment (Pillar 1)

    Action Step 1: Begin celebrating centered groups cultural celebration months

    Action Step 2: Classroom teachers work collaboratively to highlight, teach and expand students’ understanding of the experience and contributions of centered groups within the curriculum of all subject areas. 


    PA Goal 2: All staff at Partnership Academy will participate in opportunities to expand professional awareness of systemic racism and how our own biases and experiences may impact equity in the education of our students.

    District Goal 3: Increase the cultural competence of all administrators, teachers, and staff (Pillar 2)

    Action Step 1: Create a PA Equity in Education share library of learning opportunities for staff.

    Action Step 2: All staff will participate in 4 district wide training sessions on equity in education.

    Action Step 3: All staff will participate in equity discussion during staff meetings once per month to examine personal beliefs/experiences and create a common shared vocabulary around equity.