• strip of photos of individual students wearing masks

    A Return-to-School Requirement:

    In order to help decrease the spread of COVID-19, ALL students, parents/guardians, staff, and visitors must wear a cloth mask/face covering while in campus buildings and on campus grounds.  

    • A cloth mask/face covering must fit over the nose and mouth, be secured under the chin, fit snugly against the sides of the face, and be secured with loops or ties to the sides of the face.   
    • In addition, students and staff must wear a cloth mask/face covering while on buses or on district transportation vehicles that transport more than one person.  
    • All adults who are dropping off student car riders are required to keep their cloth mask/face covering on when school staff approach the car to complete the initial symptom screen and temperature check. 


    Click HERE for more OCS Guidelines about Cloth Masks/Face Coverings...

    screenshot from Collaborative webinar on mask wearing for small children

    **It is very important for you to begin making sure your child is accustomed to wearing a cloth mask/face covering NOW, so that when school begins, he/she/they are familiar with the "feel" of wearing PPE for the duration of the school day--for their safety and for the safety of others. 

    **There will be opportunities for "mask breaks" during the day. Click HERE for information about what these breaks will look like...

    last updated November 30, 2020

    For more information, please contact Sara Pitts, Director of Environmental Health and Safety at sara.pitts@orange.k12.nc.us or 919-732-8126.