Community Engagement and Strategic Planning Initiative

  • Strategic Planning Initiative

    Orange County Schools is committed to gathering thoughts and ideas from across our county to inform the Board of Education and to influence the decision-making process for public education in our community.

    By engaging our community, we hope to develop a vision for our public schools, build broad community understanding, and garner support for the Board's work as it makes vital decisions entrusted to it by the community.

    In March 2015, Orange County Schools will undertake an accreditation review that requires a strategic plan, developed with appropriate stakeholder input and clearly stating the system's purpose and direction. The Superintendent, on behalf of the Board of Education, has secured a professional consultant and facilitator to assist in engaging the broader Orange County community in the development of a vision and strategic plan. The engagement and planning process occurs between February and December 2014.

    Scottie Seawell, principal consultant with Leading and Governing Associates, is working with the district to develop its strategic plan and to facilitate public engagement.

    A Steering Committee has been selected and convened to further define the purpose of the engagement process and recruit community stakeholders to participate in the process.

    Steering Committee Chairs

    Rev. Gwen Jordan
    Faith Community Leader

    "I'm honored to be leading the community  in this vision and engagement project. A lot of people choose where they want to live due to the quality of that area's public school system. I believe Orange County has an excellent school system."

    Susan Waldrop
    Community Member

    "As a full-time Realtor in Orange County for the last 30 years, I am reminded almost daily of just how important a quality, top-notch school system is to a vibrant, attractive community such as ours. A strong, healthy school system is not only important to residents with school age children,but to everyone."