• Welcome to the Related Services Directory.  Below please find information about related services and contact information for the related service personnel.  The links beneath each heading will provide more information about that service.


    Speech-Language Pathologist Directory

    SLP Role in Schools


    For preschool (3-5 year olds) students, please contact:

    Morgan Kirby morgan.kirby@orange.k12.nc.us 919-732-6138  ext:18060


    For information in Spanish/ Para información en Español or bilingual (Spanish-English) evaluations, please contact:

    Michelle DiConcilio  michelle.diconcilio@orange.k12.nc.us 919-732-9136  ext:46961


    For K-12th grade students, please contact your child’s teacher first if you have a concern.

    To reach the Speech-Language Pathologist at your child’s school for additional information:


    Cameron Park Elementary

    Patrilla Carson patrilla.carson@orange.k12.nc.us 919-732-9326  ext:40960


    Central Elementary

    Deanna Byers deanna.byers@orange.k12.nc.us 919-732-3622  ext:41960


    Efland Cheeks Global Elementary

    Leslie Readyhough leslie.readyhough@orange.k12.nc.us 919-563-5112  ext:42960


    Grady Brown Elementary

    Sharon Hoffman sharon.hoffman@orange.k12.nc.us 919-732-6138  ext:45960


    Hillsborough Elementary

    Angie Dameron angela.dameron@orange.k12.nc.us 919-732-6137  ext:43961


    New Hope Elementary

    Holly Fox holly.fox@orange.k12.nc.us 919-942-9696  ext:44961


    Pathways Elementary

    Cynthia Thompson cynthia.thompson@orange.k12.nc.us 919-732-9136  ext:46960


    A.L. Stanback Middle

    Lauren Norris lauren.norris@orange.k12.nc.us 919-644-3200  ext:31960


    C.W. Stanford Middle and Gravelly Hill Middle

    Kathy Coulter  kathy.coulter@orange.k12.nc.us 919-245-4000 ext:21960


    Orange High  and Cedar Ridge High

    Kathy Coulter kathy.coulter@orange.k12.nc.us 919-245-4000 ext:21960



    Occupational Therapist Directory

    Occupational Therapy in Schools

    Caryn Beaver M.S. OTR/L- Lead Occupational Therapist, Preschool Assessment Team, Hillsborough Elementary, Cameron Park Elementary, Central Elementary, Efland Cheeks Global Elementary, Gravelly Hill Middle School

    caryn.beaver@orange.k12.nc.us 919-732-6137 ext. 43907


    Corrie Beecher M.S. OTR/L-Grady Brown Elementary, A.L.Stanback Middle School, Cedar Ridge High School

    corrie beecher@orange.k12.nc.us 919.732.6138 


    Molly Irwin M.S. OTR/L-Hillsborough ES, Pre-K Assessment Team

    caryn.ellis@orange.k12.nc.us (919)732-9136 ext. 46903


    Heidi Reule COTA/L -Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Central Elementary, Cameron Park Elementary, Efland Cheeks Global Elementary, Gravelly Hill Middle School

    heidi.reule@orange.k12.nc.us 919-732-3622 ext. 41754


    Kimberly McKinney M.S. OTR/L-New Hope Elementary School, Partnership Academy, C.W. Stanford Middle School, Orange High School

    kimberly.mckinney@orange.k12.nc.us (919) 942-9696 ext. 44901


    Physical Therapist Directory

    Physical Therapy in Schools

    Whitney Mallalieu, PT, DPT - Lead Physical Therapist, Preschool Assessment Team, district- wide preschool through high school


    whitney.mallalieu@orange.k12.nc.us 919-942-9696 ext. 44902


    Jennifer Tompkins, PT, DPT - Pathways Elementary School

    jennifer.tompkins@orange.k12.nc.us 919-732-9136 ext. 46903