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School Based Occupational Therapy

  • Occupational therapy is a student-centered, related service provided by a licensed occupational therapist or a licensed and supervised occupational therapy assistant. Related services are supportive services that are required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education

    Occupational therapy services assist a student to engage in meaningful and/or necessary occupations that allow that student to participate in and benefit from his or her educational program. 


    These occupations may include student role/interaction skills, learning academics and process skills, personal care, play and recreation, written communication, and community integration and work. 


    Occupational therapy services may include: 

    (i) Screening, evaluation, intervention, and documentation; 

    (ii) Assistance with occupational performance when participation is impaired; 

    (iii) Modification of environments (both human and physical) and tasks, and selection, design, and fabrication of assistive devices and other assistive technology to facilitate development, promote the acquisition of functional skills and engagement in meaningful occupations; 

    (iv) Integration of occupational therapy interventions into a student’s educational program to assist the student in participation and acquisition of goals; 

    (v) Collaboration with appropriate individuals to meet student’s needs including transition planning; and 

    (vi) Provision of education and information to families and school personnel to assist with planning and problem solving. 

    See here for more information about the differences between Occupational Therapy in schools versus Occupational Therapy in a clinic setting.

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