New Rates for Substitute Teachers

  • Substitute teachers are a valuable part of our school community and essential to the effective and efficient operations of schools.  This has never been as evident as it is now in the midst of a pandemic.  It is crucial going forward that OCS is able to recruit and retain quality substitute teachers.  The OCS School Board has generously committed resources to support this goal.


    In the Fall, the OCS Board approved the new rate of $200.00 per day for certified long term substitutes and $150.00 per day for non-certified long term substitutes. The Board also approved additional funding for temporary daily substitutes for each school as well as substitutes for our most significant ADA cases.  

    New Daily Rates

    At the February 8, 2021 meeting, the OCS School Board also approved a new DAILY substitute pay rate:

    • $120.00 per day for certified daily substitutes and
    • $112.65 for non-certified daily substitutes

    In addition to an incentive package (see below) for the number of days a substitute works in a payroll period.

    Note: The newly approved daily rate and incentive pay is only for daily substitute teachers, and not long term subs.

    Additional Note: Substitute teachers are only eligible for the new daily rate and incentive pay when they are classroom-facing, and not when performing other duties.

    Monthly Incentive Pay for Qualifying Substitute Teachers

    (Effective for the Remainder of the 2020-2021 School Year)

    Days Employed to Substitute in a Pay Period

    Incentive Pay

    5-9 full days


    10-13 full days


    14+ full days