• Update Re: Gaiters and Face Masks with Vents

    Guidance from the CDC as of January 13, 2021 can be found here:

    CDC: Your Guide to Masks

    With regard to Gaiters and masks with vents, the latest guidelines from the CDC do not support either as being most effective for mitigating the transmission of COVID-19 and virus particles.

    graphic from CDC on choosing a mask
    (The graphcs above are from the CDC website.)

    In our OCS Plan B document, there has not been a reference to date as to whether Gaiters or face masks with vents are allowed. However, this topic has been addressed in Cabinet and Principals' meetings.

    The consensus of leadership is that Gaiters and face coverings with vents are NOT acceptable at OCS. Administrative and School level leaders agree this is best, due to the science and all recommendations provided by both the ABC Science Collaborative and the Orange County Health Department.

    Therefore, OCS is of the position that Gaiters—even if they are double layered, per the CDC—and face coverings with ventilation are NOT allowed in OCS.

    (Updated 2-1-21)

    CDC Guide to Masks

    Also, according to the CDC, some face masks/coverings work better than others. To read the latest Scientific Brief for more information on this topic, click here: