School Renaming Efforts

  • The OCS School Renaming Committee, facilitated by the Dispute Settlement Center, spent several weeks on thoughtful deliberation and consideration for options for the OCS Board to consider for the new names of Cameron Park Elementary School and C.W. Stanford Middle School. The group was composed of school/building level staff, parents, students, and vested community members from many walks of life. Following two public hearings on the renaming of the two schools on June 22nd and 23rd and the over 150 comments received on both schools names via the online portal, the OCS Board of Education unanimously approved the new names at their June 28 meeting. 

    Cameron Park Elementary School will become
    River Park Elementary School.

    C.W. Stanford Middle School will become
    Orange Middle School.

    These names are also aligned to the Board’s policy on school names. This decision was shared as part of an announcement that was shared after the Board’s June 28th meeting and is being shared specifically with you now to further ensure staff and families are informed of the Board’s decision.

    Plans will swiftly be underway to rebrand both of the schools and to work toward new school identities among students, staff and all stakeholders.  District and school administration will carefully consider next steps for name transitions to ensure we maximize our resources during this transition process. 

    Both River Park Elementary and Orange Middle schools will officially begin operating under their new names on August 15, 2021, per the Board’s vote.

    The names of these schools now better represent the communities they serve and are assured to last, as both new names are aligned to Board policy on renaming schools and appropriate for a district that is moving forward to advance equity for all students. This marks a step in the right direction for this district upon examining the names of all schools in Orange County Schools per the Board’s equity policy and resolution.

    Timeline and Process

    Policy 9300

    Policy 1030

    Board's Equity Resolution


    Cameron Park Elementary School

    • River Park Elementary School
    • Arbor Park Elementary School

    C.W. Stanford Middle School

    • Orange Middle School
    • Hillsborough Middle School
    • Poplar Hill Middle School
    • Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett Middle School

    Written Comment Accepted Through Saturday, June 26 at Noon:

    The OCS Board of Education will review all written comments submitted via the following two forms prior to the June 28 Board Work Session.  All written comments will be published prior to the start of the June 28 Board Work Session.

    Virtual Public Hearings:

    • Board takes action on recommended school names

    Meeting Schedule:

    May 4 and May 6 | Cameron Park Elementary Meetings

    May 18 | Continuation of discussions for Cameron Park

    May 20 | C.W. Stanford Middle Meeting

    May 25 | Additional Meeting for C.W. Stanford

    *All meeting details will be posted 48 hours prior to each event at this location.

    Members Welcome Letter

    School Renaming Commitee Members:


    Maggie Ellis Chotas
    Group Facilitation Director, Dispute Settlement Center

    Will Dudenhausen
    Training Director, Dispute Settlement Center


    Billie A. Markham, Staff Member (CPE) and Parent (CPE)

    Dan Howarth, Parent (CWS)

    Jeffrey Faulkner, Staff Member (CWS) and Parent (CWS)

    Dominika Baran, Parent (CWS)

    Patrick J. Mitchell, Community Member

    Meg Tucker, Parent (CPE)

    Colin O'Hagerty, Student (Orange High, attended both CPE and CWS)

    John H. Jeffries, Community Member

    Rolin Mainuddin, Community Member

    Kay Singer, Parent (CPE)

    Kelly Keadey, Parent (CWS)

    Marlita Nevilles, Parent (NS)

    LaTonya Fields, OCS Alumna and Parent of Two OCS Students (NS)

    Sor Angela Hoyos, Community Member

    Beatriz Vazquez, Parent

    Martha Benitez, Parent (NS - 3 children in OCS)

    Angeles Turcios Palomo, Parent (3 children at elementary, middle and high school levels)

    Joshua Drowns, Parent and Community Member (CPE)


    NS = Not Specified