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    OCS Board of Education - Regular Meeting

    Date: June 7, 2021

    Closed Session: 5:30 p.m.

    Open Session: 6:30 p.m.

    The intent of this communication is to provide OCS staff, families, and the community the highlights from OCS Board of Education’s monthly meetings and work sessions. This update is for the Board’s June 7, 2021 Regular Meeting.  This update is not the official minutes of the meeting. The official minutes from the work session can be accessed via Orange County Schools’ website at <link here>.

    Meeting Agenda

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    Future Teachers:  Orange County Schools Department of Human Resources is proud to announce the Future Teacher Scholarship recipients for this school year. The Future Teachers program is a recruitment initiative aimed at developing Orange County Schools’ internal student talent, while also encouraging young people to pursue careers in education. The four recipients for the Classes of 2021 are: 

    Mikaila Adams - Orange High
    UNCG (Secondary Education-English)

    Gracean Hoseli - Orange High
    NCSU (Agriculture Education)

    Dariana Leon Huerta - Cedar Ridge
    UNCG (Middle Grades-Language Arts)

    Claudia Dwyer - Orange High
    Mt. Olive University (Agriculture Education)

    Employee Excellence: Orange County values excellence in their employees.  The Orange County School Employee Excellence Program is a recognition program designed to honor outstanding employees who demonstrate excellence in their service to students and families, go well above and beyond their expected job duties, and serve as outstanding role models for others across the district. Thirteen OCS employees who consistently show these attributes were recognized. 

    Graduation Exercises for Partnership Academy: The Class of 2021 from Partnership Academy was the first set of graduates to turn their tassels in a formal ceremony Monday, June 7. The event was held at Orange County Speedway. Principal Stan Farrington stated that the event was filled with emotion because for all challenges of the year, and for all the reasons to give up, the seniors persevered to get those diplomas. Congratulations to the Partnership Academy Class of 2021!

    NCSPRA Awards: One of our district’s priorities continues to be a commitment to communication and family engagement.  Orange County Schools was one of 41 districts across North Carolina to be recognized for excellence by the NC School Public Relations Association for the 2019-2020 school year. OCS received seven Silver- and two Bronze-level Blue Ribbon Awards for submissions from the 2019-2020 school year, up until the cut-off date of October 2020. Well done! 

    Pride Month: June is National Pride Month for LGBTQ+ individuals across the country. Daniel Kearns, a counselor from New Hope Elementary School shared the importance of this designation and why it means so much to celebrate diversity, be kind and show love always. Kearns said everyday should be a day to celebrate who you are, who you love, how you look, and how you identify.

    A video of a play by Oak Cook, a trans and non-binary student was shared following Mr. Kearns’ challenge to lead with love. Chair MacKenzie acknowledged the presentation as a “beautiful piece of their heart,” and thanked them for sharing their play.


    School Renaming Committee Results: Maggie Chotas and Will Dudenhausen of the Dispute Settlement Center of Carrboro reported to the Board the results of the efforts of the School Renaming Committee for Cameron Park Elementary School and C.W. Stanford Middle School. After a brief summary of the charge and scope of the work, the pair shared the names on which the committee reached consensus, as well as the rationales behind those names. After some discussion, the Board voted to hold public hearings on the following proposed names:

    Cameron Park - Arbor Park Elementary or River Park Elementary

    C.W. Stanford - Kizzmekia Corbett Middle, Hillsborough Middle, Orange Middle and Poplar Hill Middle 

    Juneteenth Resolution: Orange County Schools will observe June 19, the “Juneteenth” holiday to acknowledge the freeing of slaves in Texas (1865), nearly three years after slavery was officially abolished through the Emancipation Proclamation. The School Board unanimously adopted a resolution recognizing the history, and the growth of wider Juneteenth celebrations throughout the country. The board took a public stand in support of and with the Black, Indigenoues, and other People of Color (BIPOC), and that the board will continue to advocate for equitable education for all children, in a hostile and white supremacist society.


    Native American Representation in Schools: Kara Stewart gave the third and final presentation in a series meant to shed light on the diverse tribes, history as told from a Native American perspective and to dismantle stereotypes, as what we can do as a district to ensure students have access to accurate and authentic text alternatives when learning about Native Americans in this country--the people and their realities and and histories.


    • The board approved the facility usage fees for 2021-2022 as presented.
    • The board approved a first reading of some new and existing policies.