• “The staff is absolutely the best. You can't find a better community around. They truly care about the children and go above and beyond to support them,”


    “It is an old building and that is to be expected. However, the quality of the staff, the learning and the environment at HES MORE than makes up for the facilities. Not one time have either of my children come home and complained about something related to the facilities. In fact they rarely complain about anything related to school.”


    “This is a caring, supportive, kind, and genuine community that seeks to make everyone feel welcome. The Principal, teachers, and staff set a high bar and constantly exceed expectations (which were already very high). We were hesitant about the year-round schedule but have come to love it and hope that there one day will be a year-round middle and high school here, too!"


    “It’s a great school! My boys have adjusted well and are learning at better pace for them and they do not lose anything learned as they did in the long summer of traditional schedule”


    “That it is hands down the most welcoming and positive environment I’ve experienced with a school.”


    “You can't go wrong with HES. The teachers are amazing and create the best learning environment I have ever seen. If the year around schedule works for your family then this is the place to be!”


    "I LOVE going to school at HES!"