AIG Program Personnel

  • AIG specialists spend at least 70% of their instructional time engaged in direct services, which include: 

    • Tier 1 (universal differentiation in core instruction) 

    • Tier 2 (targeted supplemental instruction that accelerates, extends, or enriches the Standard Course of Study) 

    • Tier 3 (intensive, individualized instructional plans for highly gifted students) 

    AIG specialists spend up to 30% of their time engaged in indirect services, which should include: 

    • Participation in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to collaborate, align instruction, analyze assessment results, and adjust the instruction, curriculum, and/or environment to respond to student needs

    • Developing resources and materials to be used for acceleration, extension, or enrichment in the regular classroom 

    • Observing teachers and offering peer feedback and resources to teachers


    OCS 2022-2023 AIG Personnel



    AIG/Student Talent Development Facilitator




    LaToya Warren-Robinson

    Welcome Center


    Elementary AIG Specialists




    Pamela Francis

    River Park Elementary

    Robin Leissner

    Pathways Elementary

    Brenna Leonard

    New Hope Elementary

    Robin Lowman

    Efland Cheek Global Elementary

    Grete Reynolds

    Central Elementary

    Jessica Sensbach

    Hillsborough Elementary

    River Park Elementary

    Cindy Sinicrope

    Hillsborough Elementary

    Teresa Touchette

    Grady A. Brown Elementary



    Middle School AIG Specialists




    Grant Gibson

    A L Stanback Middle

    Kimberly Neal

    Gravelly Hill Middle

    Daniel Thayer

    Orange Middle