AIG Referral Window

  • AIG identification decisions are made by each school’s Needs Determination Team (NDT). The NDT is comprised of an administrator, AIG specialist or contact, classroom teachers, and support staff.  

    The NDT at each school meets three times each year to identify students for the AIG program: once in the fall, once in the winter, and once in the spring. Teachers and parents must submit referral forms by the dates listed below to be reviewed at the NDT meetings. Students in grades 3-12 may also self-refer. 


    Referral Form Due By

    NDT Meeting Window


    September 6th (HES only)

    September 26th (traditional schools)

    October 7th-18th (HES only)

    October 30th-November 13th (traditional schools)


    January 10th 

    January 23rd-February 4th


    June 1st

    June 2nd-9th (HES only)

    June 5th-12th (traditional schools)