• Last updated January 7, 2022


    Orange County Schools, in partnership with MAKO Services and Ultimate XP (UXP), will begin offering on-campus COVID-19 testing. 

    • MAKO Services will conduct all required COVID tests for unvaccinated student athletes, unvaccinated students participating in competitive offsite extra-curricular activities, and unvaccinated employees.  A separate letter will be sent to those involved in the required testing program.

    • Ultimate XP (UXP) will conduct two types of voluntary on-campus COVID-19 testing for students and employees.  COVID-19 testing is an effective way to reduce transmission, especially when layered with other precautionary measures such as the COVID-19 vaccination, COVID-19 booster and masking. 


    2 Types of Voluntary/Opt-in On-Campus COVID-19 Testing by UXP

    Test-to-Stay Test

    An OCS student or employee is identified with an exposure to a COVID-positive individual and due to current vaccination status is required to quarantine.  With a negative Test-to-Stay result, the individual will not need to quarantine.  The individual will at the time of original exposure be tested for COVID-19 and retest on days 3, 5, 7 and at the end of the end of the protocol period on day 10. 

    Diagnostic Test

    An OCS student who has symptoms that resemble COVID-19 symptoms (i.e., cough, runny nose, fever, etc.) will be sent to the school nurse or asked to stay home.  With a negative test result, the student does not need to quarantine. 

    PLEASE NOTE: On-campus testing is not offered for an individual who is just curious if they have COVID.  The individual requesting a COVID test must meet one of the two on-campus testing requirements.   

    We strongly recommend staff and families participate in this free opt-in program. Participation helps safeguard the wellbeing of the entire school community and gives our students, families, and the information they need to stay healthy.

    Participation in the Test to Stay or Diagnostic testing programs provided by UXP is voluntary and will require a simple cheek swab inside the mouth for 5 seconds on each side. The Test-to-Stay and diagnostic testing will be administered by the school nurse, other trained staff, self administered while being supervised by a school nurse or other trained staff; or, by the student’s parent/guardian under the supervision of the school nurse or other trained staff.  A parent/guardian must register their student to participate at this link.  All testing information and results will remain confidential.  Results are shared with the ABC Science Collaborative, School Nurse, and State/Local Health Department.


    To ensure your child is not required to quarantine unnecessarily, please register your child today at this link.