• Course Login and Troubleshooting

    Note: Students will not be able to log in to their courses until the first day of class.

    All classes will be in the Canvas learning management system (LMS). Canvas is our online classroom, and it is where your learning will take place. Click the Canvas Login icon below to get started!

    Login Issues

    Are you having difficulty logging in? Here are the solutions:

    1. Be sure that you have your correct username and password. Your school will issue you this login information. NCVPS does not issue usernames and passwords.
    2. NCVPS uses Canvas for its learning management system. Many schools and districts also use Canvas. NCVPS has its own Canvas login web address. Be sure you are logging in to your NCVPS courses at this link: https://ncvps.instructure.com/login/canvas/
    3. If this is your first time logging in, confirm with your e-learning advisor (ELA) that you are enrolled and not waitlisted.
    4. If you were just registered today, it will take 24 hours to get access.
    5. If you had an NCVPS class before in Canvas, and you changed your password, then that is the password that you will need to use.
    6. If you still cannot log in, open a ticket with our Virtual Support Center at this link. Be sure to include your name, PowerSchool ID number, school, and course that you’re trying to log in to.
    7. If your password has worked before, but you have forgotten it, use the “Forgot Password” feature on the Canvas login page. This will work if you have your correct email address identified in the course settings.
  • OHS NCVPS Advisor

    Please contact the OHS NCVPS Advisor, Maria Hardin, if you have any questions or need support regarding student enrollment and participation in NCVPS courses.

    Maria Hardin

    Extension: 20651

    Email: maria.hardin@orange.k12.nc.us