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  • OREd
    The Orange County Schools will be working with the Operations Research and Education Laboratory (OREd) to plan and evaluate the reassignment. OREd is a part of the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) at North Carolina State University. OREd will use its data tools and practices to assist with creating new attendance boundaries, evaluating potential school bus routes, considering socioeconomic and academic criteria, and examining demographic balance. OREd will facilitate meetings with stakeholders at public town hall meetings and other sessions scheduled by the district. The OREd process was detailed at the March 6, 2023 Board meeting.

    Davis Demographics

    The district is currently utilizing GIS data and spatial planning tools provided by Davis Demographics. Davis Demographics assists with providing geospatial data for demographic reporting, student forecasts, school boundary adjustments, segment creation, and planning software. Extending the contract will permit a more frequent update of the student assignment locator and will allow for the production of interactive maps throughout the reassignment process.

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