Choice School and Transfer Applications

  • Complete a Transfer or Choice School (Hillsborough Elementary and Cedar Ridge HS/IB) Application

    • 2023–24 school year: The deadline has passed and applications are now closed. Late applications are not accepted.

Release Applications

  • Release from the Orange County Schools (for families that are domiciled within the Orange County Schools and would like their children to enroll in another school district)

    Letters of Release will be sent via email to the address provided in the application.

Discretionary Admission Applications

  • Complete a Discretionary Admission Application

    Tuition Rate for Discretionary Admission Students

    Students who are domiciled in another school district and are admitted to the Orange County Schools will be charged tuition unless the student meets an exemption qualification listed in Board Policy 4120: Admission to the Orange County Schools.

    • The tuition rate for the 2023–24 school year is $4,808 per student and must be paid in full prior to July 1, 2023.

    We do not currently accept debit/credit cards for tuition payments.

    Please remit payment to: 
    Orange County Schools
    Attn: Rhonda Rath
    200 East King Street
    Hillsborough, NC 27278


  • For more information, please contact your child's school or:

    Catherine Mau, Student Assignment & Technology Project Coordinator

    Student Assignment Office
    919-732-8126 x12512