Calendar Choice and Specialized Academic Programs

  • District-Approved Calendar Choice and Specialized Academic Programs

    Under Policy 4125.3.B.1, a separate transfer window for designated magnet, year-round calendar, or other choice program has been established. All applications to transfer to a Choice School must be submitted during the January 8–February 29, 2024 window. For purposes of this policy, the following programs will be considered as "Choice":

    • International Baccalaureate Program at Cedar Ridge High School
    • Year-Round Program at Hillsborough Elementary School

    Hillsborough Elementary Year-Round Program:

    • Hillsborough Elementary School (HES) does not have a base attendance zone. 
    • The first priority for students to be assigned to HES for 2024–25 will be those students already attending HES during the 2023–24 school year.
    • Incoming Kindergarten siblings of students already attending HES will be accepted into the school prior to other families requesting re-assignment at HES.
    • Students moving into Orange County Schools after the school year has started may request admission into HES.
    • Students requesting admission to HES must meet all other enrollment and eligibility criteria.

    Complete a Choice School Transfer Application

    • 2023–24 school year: The deadline has passed and applications are now closed. 
    • Upcoming 2024–25 school year:  



  • For more information, please contact your child's school or:

    Joy Toellen, Data Coordinator

    919-732-8126 x12630