School Transfer Options

  • Transfer and Admission Options for the 2022–23 School Year

    The window for discretionary transfer and admission applications was February 1–28, 2022. The Discretionary Transfer and Discretionary Admission application windows are now closed. Late applications are not accepted.

    ***Due to state class size mandates, the administration will not approve new K–3 transfer requests to attend designated open or limited capacity schools unless 15% of seats are available in the desired grade level.***

    The Board of Education approves capacity restrictions on an annual basis. The 2022–23 school capacity restrictions below were approved at the December 13, 2021 Board meeting. Discretionary transfers and discretionary admissions are available only for schools designated “Open” and “Limited Capacity.” 

    Open Schools (Enrollment at less than 85% capacity)

    Open schools are schools without significant capacity concerns. The administration shall grant all timely requests to transfer to open schools until the specified capacity limit has been reached using the order of priorities established in Policy 4150.3.B. The following schools are designated as "OPEN" capacity for the 2022–23 school year. New applications will be accepted ONLY in these schools:

    • Central Elementary
    • Grady Brown Elementary
    • Pathways Elementary
    • Gravelly Hill Middle
    • Orange Middle 

    Limited-Capacity Schools (Enrollment at 85–94% capacity)

    Limited-capacity schools are schools that are approaching the specified capacity limit and are presumptively closed to transfers unless seats are available at the requested grade level. New applications MAY be accepted to the following school as space permits:

    • A.L. Stanback Middle

    Closed Schools (Enrollment at 95% capacity or greater)

    Closed schools are schools that are projected to exceed the specified capacity limit during the next school year. The administration does not have authority to grant any new requests for discretionary transfers or admissions to any closed school.

      • Students already assigned to the requested school as transfer students who are asking to remain at that school
      • Siblings (including step and foster siblings) of a student who is already enrolled and will remain enrolled at the requested school during the school year requested
      • Children of full-time employees of the Orange County Schools who are requesting reassignment to an appropriate grade-level school that is also the primary work site of the parent/employee.
    Such requests may be denied at the discretion of the administration if granting the request would require a reallocation of additional staff or additional classroom space to the requested school. 

    The following schools are closed schools:

    • Efland-Cheeks Global Elementary
    • New Hope Elementary
    • River Park Elementary
    • Orange High

    Choice Schools

    Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2022–23 school year. Late requests are not accepted. The following schools are designated as "CHOICE" for the 2022–23 school year:

    • Central Elementary
    • Efland-Cheeks Global Elementary
    • Hillsborough Elementary
    • Cedar Ridge High IB program

    Last updated: March 2, 2022


  • For more information, please contact your child's school or:

    Catherine Mau, Student Assignment & Technology Project Coordinator

    Student Assignment Office
    919-732-8126 x12512