The Office of Equity & Inclusion

  • desmantelando la opresión educativa mediante la creación y el mantenimiento de una cultura intencionadamente inclusiva

    "We see our schools as centers for culturally diverse learning where all students are educated to their fullest potential and as centers of our community around which we come together in support of the education of all students.

    The concept of educational equity goes beyond formal equality to fostering a barrier-free environment where all students, regardless of their race, class, or other personal characteristics, have the opportunity to benefit equally in order to succeed and thrive.

    Equity is critical to the success of our schools, our students, and our community."

    (OCS Board Policy 1030, February 2019)

    Dr. Sheldon Lanier
    Chief of Equity and Student Achievement (919) 732-8126

    Mr. Kumar R. Sathy (he/him/his) [click to hear pronunciation]
    District Equity Facilitator (919) 732-8126

Organizational Chart

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