• If you're considering year-round education for your elementary student in Orange County Schools, you probably have questions. Below, you will find some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact us.

    What are the benefits for students in a year-round school?

    Our students learn year-round. We offer opportunities for continued learning during intersession. The year-round calendar and traditional calendar have the same number of school days. The shorter summer break offers students the opportunity to retain learning. Breaks throughout the year offer more flexible family time.

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    Do you offer transportation?

    Transportation is provided for students who live in eligible areas. If you have questions about transportation zones, call the Orange County Transportation Department at (919) 732-2531.

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    What is an intersession?

    Intersession is a break that students get after approximately 9 weeks and lasts for approximately 3 weeks. Winter, Spring, and summer intersessions are coordinated with the traditional student calendar so that families with students in traditional schools can plan family vacations and enjoy the holidays together.

    How long is the summer break for year-round school versus traditional?

    Year-round school has approximately 5 weeks versus 11 weeks for traditional students.

    What does my student  do during intersessions? Are there childcare options?

    There are camp options in the county during summer break; the Orange County School system does offer camp at the school called “Dolphin Camp.”

    Dolphin Camp is an affordable, recreational, and educational child care program that operates at the school from 7:00 a.m. until 5:45 p.m. during each of the three-week intersession periods. Limited scholarships are available based on need. For more information about registration and fees call the Community Schools Program at (919) 732-4166.

    Is there an afterschool program offered at HES?

    An afterschool program is available at the school site. For enrollment and registration call the Community Schools Program at (919) 732-4166.

    When do we apply for year-round school?

    HES is a public year-round elementary school.  Enrollment applications are accepted in January.  The number of students acepted is based on available seating at each grade level for the upcoming school year (starting in July).  Once families accept enrollment at HES, the school will contact families about the registration process. Registration will take place at HES by appointment with the school data manager. Documents will be needed for registration including but not limited to birth certificate and proof of residency.  

    When does kindergarten orientation take place?

    Once families are registered, kindergarten orientation for parents and students typically takes place in April. Students will experience life at HES and parents will receive valuable information about HES.

    When does school start?

    Please refer to the HES year-round calendar for the start date. Families should schedule vacations during intersession.  Kindergarten students will stagger entry.  Meaning one-half of the kindergarten class will come on the first day, then they will stay home on the second day.  The remaining one-half of the kindergarten class will come to school on the second day and stay home the first day.  All kindergarten students would report on the third day of school.  Staggered entry is to help kidnergarten students transition and learn routines.  The school will communicate which day your child is scheduled to start school.  All other grades should report on the first day of school. 

    Where can I find the school’s Report card?

    School Report Cards