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  • Important Message for Class of 2022

    Please be sure to check this webpage frequently for updated information, resources, and events essential for a successful senior year and beyond.  Our counseling team also shares a monthly newsletter to supplement and highlight the resources and opportunities listed below.  We encourage you to stay connected by checking your email, signing-up for Remind 101 (text the number 81010 with the message @orange2022), and following the school on Twitter. If you have any questions that are not addressed below, please email any of our student services team.

    Student Services for 12th Graders 

    Here is the link to our Student Services page with contact information for our team who will help support and guide our students through a successful senior year and transition into college, career, or military. 

    Senior Parent Night

    Here are the presentations and videos for this year's Family Night for Seniors.  

    Senior Year Information

    Class of 2022 Student Info Sheet - Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. Please provide details and cite examples, because the information we receive from you will be used to assist in writing recommendation letters for college and scholarships. Students who do not submit this form may delay receiving recommendations in a timely manner.

    Senior Handbook - This handbook offers guidance on all aspects of the transition from high school to college and career, including information and recommendations about graduation requirements, transcripts, SAT/ACT, resumes, college applications, letters of recommendation, scholarships, FAFSA/financial aid and more… 

    PowerPoint for Senior Families -This presentation is shared with families in early September and provides an overview of Senior Year, with emphasis on graduation, the college application process, financial aid, and career and military preparation. 

    Counselors’ Monthly Updates - This newsletter will be regularly updated with live videos, presentations, and other timely information for a successful Senior Year.  

    Senior Calendar of Important Dates - This calendar lists all the important dates (including upcoming SAT and ACT testing dates) throughout Senior Year and leading up to graduation. 

    Graduation and Senior Night Information - This page includes information and details about Senior Night and our graduation ceremony, including details about date and time, regalia, awards, etc. 

    College/Career Planning

    College Application/Financial Aid Starter Kit - This resource bank and timeline helps Seniors begin the college application and financial aid process, and provides an overview of strategies and best practices that should be followed during the application/financial aid journey.  

    OHS College Visits - This listing includes dates and information for college visits available to OHS students either virtually or in person.  

    2021-22 NC Public/Private College Admission Information - This spreadsheet lists important admission information (average GPA, average ACT/SAT, admission deadlines, and application websites) for every four-year college and university in North Carolina.  

    2021-22 Community College Information - This Durham Tech powerpoint outlines all of the programs and degrees available at North Carolina community colleges, and offers information about eligibility and admissions. 

    SAT/ACT dates and information - This page provides testing dates, registration deadlines, and fee waiver applications for the SAT and ACT.  This page also offers guidance on improving scores and answers FAQ’s of students and families.  

    NC Residency Determination - The state of North Carolina partially subsidizes the cost of tuition for North Carolina public universities and colleges for students who have established residency in North Carolina.  All students planning to apply to any public university or community college in North Carolina must complete this Residency Determination prior to submitting an application.

    College Application Sites - This resource provides links and information to the most common college application sites, including The Common Application, Coalition for College, CFNC, and Questbridge.

    Student Information Sheet for Faculty Recommendations - This online information form must be filled out by all graduating seniors; this information is essential in helping our faculty write personalized, effective letters of recommendation for colleges, military, or careers.  

    Senior Parent Questionnaire for Faculty Recommendations - This form is also required for all students requesting letters of recommendation. The parent perspective gives us valuable information and allows for more robust letters. 

    Financial Aid/FAFSA - This page offers information and guidance on completing FAFSA forms to qualify for grants, scholarships, work-study awards, loans, and other forms of financial aid for college.  This page also includes access to our Financial Aid newsletter.

    Scholarship Newsletter

    Scholarship Information and Databases - This page outlines the scholarship application process and offers a number of scholarship databases.  The OHS Scholarship Database is regularly updated with national, regional, and local scholarship programs as well as information about how to apply, selection criteria, and deadlines.  

    Transcripts for College Applications - If you are applying to a college through the common application or coalition application, your counselor will attach your application through that platform. Also, for all North Carolina colleges, you can request a transcript through For ALL other requests, please use this link. 

    Athletics in College - This NCAA website provides resources and information for students who are interested in playing sports in college.  Students who are planning to play Division I or Division II athletics are required to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center during their Senior year.  

    DACA Graduates - This website addresses FAQ’s and offers resources for DACA students. Also, counselors and Mr. Ortega are available to answer any questions or address any concerns; please know that all information shared regarding documentation status is 100% confidential.   

    Career Development Newsletter - This monthly newsletter provides information about vocational programs at community colleges, internships, employment opportunities, and military recruitment.