• Based on our beliefs that every child is gifted, has strengths, and needs to be successful, our Grady A. Brown Elementary family will promote an atmosphere in which students will be nurtured academically, emotionally, physically and socially.  At GAB, we believe that behavior must be taught just like reading, writing, and math.  

    Our school-wide discipline system, Positive Behavior Intervention System, PBIS, is a broad range of systemic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behavior.  The purpose of this program is to improve overall classroom and school climate to achieve higher academic performance for all students.  PBIS is a whole school process that emphasizes prevention and reinforcement strategies.  It is NOT a curriculum or a specific discipline program.  PBIS teaches behavior through proactive practices instead of reactions to inappropriate behaviors.  Our staff is committed to teaching character education and incorporates these lessons into our weekly special program classes. 

    Our students will learn school-wide expectations for the common areas of the school like the hallways, cafeteria, bathroom, playground and buses. Our commitment to a school climate conducive to serious study and respect for oneself, other people and property should be visible to all persons who visit our school.  This is our sixth year implementing PBIS at Grady A. Brown Elementary. Last year, our school earned the highest award possible; NC Exemplar School for PBIS.  

    All cougars at Grady Brown Elementary are caring, helpful, achieving. motivated, problem solvers just like Champ our mascot. Our students areCHAMPions.