School Improvement

  • The 2020-2021 School Improvement Plan can be accessed by visiting (Username: GuestS16990  --  Password: GuestS16990)
    Each school establishes a School Improvement Team (SIT) to develop a plan to improve student performance. School improvement teams consist of the following members:
    • the principal of the school;
    • the assistant principal of the school;
    • representatives of instructional personnel;
    • representatives of instructional support personnel;
    • representatives of teacher assistants assigned to the building; and
    • representatives of parents of children enrolled in the school.
    Within each school, School Improvement Teams analyze student data to identify root causes for problems and determine actions to address them; that information is then compiled into a school improvement plan.
    In support of the district's focus on and committment to equity, we also have a school-based equity team in place consisting of the following members:
    • Alexis Kagel (Lead)
    • Elena Lozano
    • Kaitlin Lewis
    • Kate Brown
    • Kayla Roberts
    • Kimberly Taylor
    • Stacey Duncan
    • Stephanie Richards Lea
    • Kandis Sauls