• Planning for the Future

    The purpose of programming in high school is to provide opportunities for students to develop deep knowledge and skills in their area or areas of identification, and to begin to think about their futures beyond high school. Opportunities for high school AIG students are provided within the high school course and extracurricular offerings. These include:

    Honors, Advanced Placement (AP,) International Baccalaureate (IB) Courses: High school AIG students, with the support of their guidance counselors, may select appropriately challenging courses in academic subjects, performing/visual arts, and career and technical education. Transcripts are monitored periodically by the assistant principal or guidance counselor with AIG responsibilities to ensure that students enroll in rigorous courses.  

    North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS): The NCVPS provides AIG students with access to courses that are otherwise not available in OCS. Students receive credit for courses completed through NCVPS.

    Dual Enrollment: Gifted students wanting to pursue advanced coursework may enroll in courses at an institution of higher education through the Middle College program or the College and Career Pathways (CCP) program.

    Governor’s School: Gifted high school students may apply to attend the North Carolina Governor’s School, a summer program that provides students with highly advanced coursework in humanities, social sciences, mathematics, sciences, and visual/performing arts.