MTSS which stands for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. Click here to learn more about MTSS from NCDPI.

    The WHAT, WHY, and HOW behind a Multi-Tiered System of Support - Click here to view the presentation.

    Grizzly Growth

    The Grizzly Growth period is a 35-minute per day class that is included in all Gravelly students’ schedules. Students have been assigned to Grizzly Growth groups based on data- academic data and behavioral data. Students who demonstrate the need for intervention (additional help) in reading, math, and/or social-emotional skills have been assigned to an appropriate group with a teacher, counselor, or coach. Students will participate daily in lessons and activities designed to help them grow their skills in reading, math, and/or social-emotional competence. The Grizzly Growth groups will likely change at different points in the school year as additional data on each student’s needs become available. Students will be informed and their schedule will change if/when they are assigned to a different Grizzly Growth group.  Students who do not demonstrate a need for additional help in reading, math, or social-emotional skills will be assigned to enrichment groups. Much like the intervention groups, the goal is for students to grow in the enrichment groups. Students will participate in an enrichment fair where teachers will share information about the enrichment class they plan to offer. Students will then select their top choices for enrichment groups and be assigned to enrichment groups according to interest and availability.  The Grizzly Growth class will show up on students’ report cards as a Pass/Fail grade.