• Graduation Requirements

    North Carolina high school students are expected to meet specific course and credit requirements and testing standards in order to graduate. These requirements differ depending on when students entered ninth grade for the first time. Over the past few years, the State and local Board of Education have changed graduation requirements to better reflect the skills and knowledge needed for success at community colleges, colleges and universities, and in business and industry.

    All current Orange County Schools students not enrolled in the Occupational Course of Study program are required to have 28 credits for graduation. The course and credit requirements in place for students entering ninth grade in fall 2009 and later are commonly known as the Future-Ready Core. Students who entered ninth grade prior to fall 2009, though required to have the same number of credits to graduate, have different course requirements.

    To better understand the course and credit requirements for graduation, visit:

    State Board of Education Graduation Requirements and Orange County Schools Board of Education Policy (3460)

    Students also have the option to gain course credit through demonstrated mastery.  Visit the district Credit Demonstrated by Mastery page for more information.